We have teamed up with the MM foundation to educate people about snow safety in the mountains. We hereby present a exclusive, limited, collection made to inspire. All earning from this products will be donated to the MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation.

The MM Rapaport Hargin Foundation was established in memory of Matilda Rapaport Hargin. The foundation works to inspire and support skiers and entrepreneurs in the industry to pursue their goals and dreams. The organization strives to improve equality both inside and outside of skiing and to increase focus on safety on the mountain.

Matilda Rapaport Hargin was a caring, smart, supportive, determined, brave, passionate and humble person who inspired many, both inside and outside of skiing. She was a very skilled athlete and entrepreneur and combined her successful career in professional freeride skiing with running her own consulting and recruitment companies. Matilda passed away on July 17, 2016, just 30 years old, after being dragged into an avalanche during a movie recording in Chile.

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